Do we have to purchase tickets in advance?

We encourage you to purchase passes in advance, as it allows us to book the optimal amount of food trucks for the size of the crowd. Any individual passes not sold in advance will be available at the door for $16. Group package discounts (10+) are only available in advance by contacting

How much are children's tickets?

Children 12 and under are $8. Kids under 5 are free. Most of the films we’re showing are for adults/mature audiences. We suggest that you consult the movie ratings and the content of each film before bringing children to the event. * Please note that Children 5-12 require a Fashionably Late ticket as we have limited space in this area and need to account for every ticket.

Are children allowed at Rated R movies?

Eat|See|Hear follows the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) ratings and guidelines. R-Restricted – Under 17 requires accompanying by a parent or adult guardian. Please check movie content before bringing children.

Can we reserve seats?

YES! Well, sort of. Don’t stress about getting the perfect spot at each event. This is LA after all. We know traffic and life make us Fashionably Late, so we’ve got passes just for you – guaranteed one of the best spots in each venue. For just $21 per ticket, there will be a designated area just for Fashionably Late tickets, so you can arrive at 8 instead of 5:30. You won’t have a specific “spot” within this area but you’ll have plenty of room. Fashionably Late tickets will be sold online only, in a very limited quantity. Depending on the size of the venue, that will determine the number of tickets made available.

Please Note: Children 5-12 require a Fashionably Late ticket as we have limited space in this area and need to account for every ticket.


Do you offer group discounts?

We sure do! Groups of 10 or more should email for more information. Only General Admission tickets are eligible for group discounts. Group discounts can be processed up until Friday at 5pm the day before the event.

Are there exchanges or refunds?

Yes and no. If you need to exchange your ticket for another night, we will do our best to accommodate you, as long as we are not sold out for the night you would like to exchange for. If you purchased your tickets and changed your mind or forgot, we cannot offer a refund post-event, but as previously stated we will do our best to exchange your pass(es) for another night, in advance. Refunds/exchanges will be made up until the day before event day (Friday). No refunds or exchanges on Saturday (event day). Please contact

What happens if it rains?

It doesn’t rain in Los Angeles. 😉 For real though, if doors can not open or the event must be shut down at any point before conclusion of the movie (“Cancelled Event”) this ticket may be exchanged online, at any time after the date of the Cancelled Event, for an individual ticket of equal or lesser face value for a future Eat|See|Hear event (subject to prior sales and ticket availability).  You must do this by sending an email to with your purchase information and/or copy of your ticket.  *Walk Ups- please keep the receipt given to you at time of purchase as proof of attendance in order to be able to claim a rain exchange.

In no instance shall this ticket be exchangeable for a ticket with a face value greater than the face value of this ticket.  NO CASH REFUND OR CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED AND THIS TICKET MAY NOT BE APPLIED TO ANY ACCOUNT BALANCE.

We reserve the right to delay elements of the event (band, movie, etc.) for a “rain delay”.  We will make on site announcements to direct you in this instance.  We will restart the event if possible and if it is safe for the audience and the equipment to do so.  Management reserves the right to make that decision at any time.  Finally, we do not issue credits or refunds if it is raining elsewhere – if it is dry by us at 5:30 the event is on!

In the event of a delay or cancellation we will post the information on Facebook and Twitter so you can check for updates if you are concerned about the event status.

This rain policy may be amended at anytime without notice.

How do I redeem a discount voucher?

If you purchased a discount voucher from a site like Groupon on Living Social, you must redeem the voucher online to get your tickets. Your voucher is NOT your ticket and will not be accepted at the door. To redeem:

  1. Select the event that you purchased tickets for and click “Buy Tickets.”
  2. When you get to the Eventbrite page, in the upper right corner click “Get Tickets.”
  3. A box will pop up with your ticket choices.
  4. Click on “Enter Promotional Code” in the upper right corner and enter your voucher number.
  5. Follow the instructions that follow.
  6. Print your ticket or bring an electronic version on your phone via the Eventbrite app.

Why do you require names when purchasing tickets?

We use Eventbrite for our ticketing and they require you to enter a name for each ticket purchased so that if you wish to transfer your tickets to another event, you can do so easily. If you don’t know who is joining you, just put your name down in all the tickets. Don’t sweat it – we do not check ID’s to match the name on the ticket. You can give your ticket to someone else whether you change the name or not. As long as every person entering the event has a ticket, we’re all good! 🙂


What time do doors open?

Events May through August doors open at 5:30pm. Events in September  doors will open at 5pm.

What time does the band start?

The band will begin performing around 7pm.

What time does the movie start?

All movies begin approximately 30 minutes after Sundown at approximately 8:30pm, unless otherwise noted. Beginning September, all movies will begin at 8pm with doors opening at 5pm in September ONLY.

Are there seats? What do we sit on?

That was a loaded question, right? All of our events are in parks or on athletic fields, with the exception of The Memorial Greek Theater at Santa Monica High School and Pasadena City Hall, so pillows, cushions and blankets are preferred, though low chairs are allowed, but please don’t block the view of the person behind you. A low beach chair (no more than 6″ off the ground) would be your best bet. If you bring a lawn/camping chair, you will be obstructing the view of other moviegoers and required to please sit off to the sides in a designated chair area.

Are pets allowed?

Friendly, leashed pets are allowed at every Eat|See|Hear location. If you do bring your pet, please make sure you have enough poop bags, treats and water for your furry friend. We’ll always have free biscuits at the front entrance for doggies, too! And extra poop bags and water bowls around the venue.

Is there free parking?

In LA?! Free parking?!?! YES! Some (not all) locations offer free parking on site or a combination of a parking lot and nearby on-street parking. Some locations have nearby fee/pay ($) parking lots or on-street parking. Please check the individual event for specific parking information. If you do park on the street, be sure to read all parking signs and please be quiet when exiting so as not to disturb our neighbors. We want to be invited back next year. Please note that if you park in a fee/pay ($) lot, we have no connection to said lot and are simply making a suggestion as to where to park. We do not validate nor offer any special rates.

Is smoking allowed?

Please note that smoking is not allowed on the campus of Santa Monica High School. If you want a smoke break, we kindly ask that you step outside of the school campus thru our entrance to 4th Street. We apologize for any inconvenience. At all of our other venues, we kindly request that you do not smoke in the audience nor in the food truck area. Please be respectful of others. There is a designated smoking area just on the other side of our entrance tents at The Autry Museum in Griffith Park. In Pasadena, Beverly Hills & North Hollywood we ask that you hang out on the outskirts of the venue and do not leave any butts on the ground. Thank you for your cooperation.


What food trucks will be there?

The benefit of being in the city that revolutionized the Food Truck movement is that we have SO MANY amazing food trucks to choose from! We curate a different line up of trucks every week and we encourage you to follow your favorites on Twitter to see if they’re going to be at the next Eat|See|Hear event. Of course every week, we will have our Official Coffee provider, Brasil Kiss. We also make sure that multiple trucks provide vegetarian and vegan options. It isn’t always obvious from the name of the truck – be sure to ask the truck if you have dietary concerns. Your best bet is to sign up for our weekly update, follow us on Twitter @EatSeeHear, Instagram and become a fan of our Facebook page. We’ll announce the line up through all of these channels. Every event page will have the line up posted.

Please Note: The food truck line up is subject to change without notice due to trucks breaking down and last minute changes &/or cancellations.

When will the food trucks arrive?

Food trucks will be on site ready to serve you when doors open at 5:30pm (and at 5pm beginning in September). Food trucks will be available throughout the evening, or until they run out of food, whichever comes first. At most venues, dinner service ends approximately 30 minutes after the movie begins.

Can we bring in outside snacks and drinks?

The first word in our name is EAT and we think you’ll enjoy sampling the variety of options all of the Food Trucks we’re inviting out to each event have to offer. While outside food is allowed, we encourage you to try the food trucks that we curate each week, selected specifically for the event. If you do bring your own picnic, please do not bring coolers over 12″x12″ to any location. There will always be vegetarian options from one or more trucks seeing as a few of us of are vegetarian/vegan.

Can I bring beer or alcohol?

It is our responsibility to let you know that alcohol is prohibited in all City and State Parks, as well as at any school. Our RA said the same thing in college. Be smart. * Please note that outside glass bottles are not allowed at Santa Monica HS. Alcohol, drugs and tobacco are also not allowed on the SaMoHS campus.

Will alcohol be served at any events?

We used to say “Unfortunately no,” but now we can say “Well actually, YES!” But ONLY at The Autry in Griffith Park. The Cafe will sell beer, wine and a signature cocktail as well as soda and water.

Give a hoot, don't pollute

Whatever you carry in, please carry it out with you. Or at the very least to the nearest trash can and recycling bins for bottles/cans, of which the bottle redemptions go towards the Los Angeles Youth Network. Please help us keep our parks and green spaces CLEAN. We’re not your housekeeper and would appreciate your helping us keep our local venues happy so that we can return to your community next year. If someone near you was careless, please be the better human and toss out the trash that was “inadvertently” left behind.


Where is the movie projected?

Eat|See|Hear offers an unrivaled outdoor movie experience with digital HD projection and state of the art line-array audio. Each movie will be projected onto a Harkness motion picture screen surface. AIRSCREEN, the original inflatable movie projection screen which provides a wrinkle-free, top quality, crisp, clear image resulting in an enjoyable experience for everyone. We guarantee you will not be disappointed. For specific information, please read about our technology.

How big is the screen?

The image that you see on-screen at all locations is 52 feet wide. This is the largest outdoor inflatable screen on the West Coast standing 3.5 stories tall with a frame that is over 60 feet wide.