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  • Summer Twins

    Summer Twins are sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown. They write dreamy rock ‘n roll songs with a touch of California sun. Born and raised in Riverside, Ca, they formed Summer Twins in 2008, with a focus on singing pop harmonies atop garage rock inspired by the ’50s and ’60s. Summer Twins play live with Michael Rey Villavicencio on bass and Andy Moran on guitar. They are signed to Burger Records and IRMA Records (Japan).

  • Mothlight

    Mothlight is a dream pop outfit from Los Angeles. Featuring shimmering harmonies and sweeping synth and guitar lines, the 3 piece writes pop music filtered through a technicolor haze. Initially a solo bedroom project, Matt Billings released 3 EPs under the Mothlight moniker between 2008 – 2012. Longtime friend and keyboardist / synthesist, Grant Stevens, formally joined and they released the Calico LP in 2014. After a year of writing new material, the duo found and wooed the prolific drummer, Andrew Smith, into official membership, and introduced percussion pulled from an array of musical styles. Mothlight will be releasing new material in the spring of 2016.

  • Faulkner

    Since Faulkner’s emergence in 2013, the bi-coastal rockers who formed in Venice, CA. have hit the ground running on their journey to success. Landing an unfinished demo of their song “NY Anthem” in the hands of RZA (Wu-Tang Clan mastermind) Faulkner captured the hip hop god’s interest, leading to their first major collaboration. As a result, the track can be heard at the New York Yankees home games. But New York isn’t the only place giving them love. Emphasizing the term “bi-coastal,” the rockers have also been featured on iconic L.A. radio station KROQ for their single “I’m Stoned.”

  • Opus Orange

    Formed in 2010, the Santa Monica band has grown to six members, with Paul Bessenbacher (PB) at the helm. PB’s multi-faceted music taste is perhaps reflected in the band’s name – “Opus” is a reference to Chopin’s Fantasie Impromptu, Opus 66, and “Orange” is a reference to Charles Mingus’ Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress. From the ukulele songs on their self-titled EP to their expansive film score for the full-length documentary “Mile… Mile & A Half” – and now with the Balance EP, OO has continued to evolve their sonic palette with every release.

  • Jaime Wyatt & The Bang Bangs

    Jaime Wyatt is a striking figure that walks the Earth with an old soul. Her voice is a force, both rich and clear, which draws people in. Comparisons are frequently drawn to Neko Case, Stevie Nicks and at times she has been anointed a female Tom Petty. However, Nancy Wilson of Heart professed loving Wyatt’s “Punk Rock attitude.”

  • Night Lights

    With members from Mexico, Japan, California, and Norway, Night Lights brings together an eclectic assortment of indie, rock, and soul influenced sounds. The now Los Angeles-based band met in 2012 while attending school in Boston, and has since discovered a balance between profound lyrics, hooky melodies, danceable music, and intriguing harmonic progressions. Night Lights released their indie pop/rock anthem singles “Childish” and “Take My Hand” in the winter of 2016, which earned the band features from EarMilk, PopMatters, and Baeble Music.

  • Sleeping Wolf

    Magic can happen by accident. When producer Steven Solomon and artist Jake Newton began writing together in 2014 they quickly discovered that they’d stumbled upon something special. With influences that range from Nine Inch Nails to Chvrches and Jimmy eat World, Sleeping Wolf has carved out a sound altogether novel and vibrant. After early success in film and television placements such as Netflix’s “Mission Blue” and “You’re Not You” starring Hilary Swank and Emmy Rossum, Sleeping Wolf’s first EP, “The Dark” was handpicked by iTunes for it’s new music spotlight and has had over a million streams across Soundcloud and Youtube. The EP’s stand out track, “Jennifer” stayed on soundcloud’s trending alternative charts for 3 months. This is only the very infancy of a great band on the rise.

  • Maszer

    MASZER guitarist, Tomer-David Rapaport, arrived in the U.S. from Tel Aviv ten years ago, and toured relentlessly with his bands Mother’s Anger. In the last three years, Rapaport, along with drummer Joseph Braley, took on world tours, opening for Black Sabbath and The Pixies, as well as playing major festivals and shows all over the world with their subsequent band, Reignwolf. Inspired by those years of musical excitement, David wrote over a hundred songs in preparation for the next musical adventure. Teaming up with longtime friend and Seattle-based singer, Kate Blackstock, the trio dubbed themselves MASZER, meaning ‘tithing’ in Hebrew (מְעַשֵּׂר).

  • Cafuné

    CAFUNÉ is a Brazilian-Portuguese word that means “the act of running your fingers through a loved one’s hair.” Singer-songwriter Sedona Schat and producer Noah Yoo took that unique meaning to heart when they began their similarly named alternative-pop project, exploring melodies and sonic textures that espouse intimacy while delving into the space between dance music and post-punk. Their 2015 EP Love Songs for Other People won over fans around the world with its blend of bright electronics and deceptively heartsick lyrics. Recorded across the Atlantic, the EP showcases “their separate experiences molded together to forge something spectacular and infectious that proves no boundaries or limitations will deter them.”

  • Hawai

    The band currently practices in Dana Point, CA in Jake’s garage and still chooses Coors Light over fancy beer. The sounds of HAWAI are fitting to their environment. You hear the calming ocean and the chaos of the traffic. They are set to release their debut EP, produced by Lars Stalfors (Cold War Kids, Deap Vally) in early 2016.  Until then, catch them live at a show. Maybe one day when one hears the word HAWAI, a thought will enter their mind not of palm trees, not of luaus, but of a band from California.

  • Paper Pilots

    “If Paper Pilots’ Power-Pop doesn’t put a smile on your face, maybe you’ve been sucking on too many lemons?” says Kevin Bronson of BuzzBands.LA. Paper Pilots, lead by Justin Bocchieri first garnered national attention in 2012 through HBO’s True Blood with their cover of The Zombies’ “She’s Not There”. The band later appeared in True Blood’s Season 6 finale to perform three songs, all from their self-titled debut EP. Early adopters included Gary Calamar of KCRW, Kevin Bronson of KCSN, Kat Corbett from KROQ’s “Locals Only”, and most recently, Tobi Lynn of ALT 98.7’s “Close To Home.”

  • Dutch Party

    Ken Franklin is not only the lead singer and guitarist of Dutch Party, but also the Producer behind the seamless blend of styles incorporated into the rising band’s sound. Franklin has developed his own resonance in response to the analog-versus-digital generation, citing key influences from the psychic troubadours like David Bowie and Bob Dylan. Now with a remarkable new line-up, and new music to be released later in 2016, Dutch Party is pleased to share their music, premiered respectively by Billboard and Pigeons and Planes.

  • [Naomi]

    Hailing from Los Angeles, [Naomi] arrived on the scene as fully-formed old soul, although in her early 20’s. Weeks into learning how to play guitar, she began blending her experiences into powerful songwriting about her truth as a young woman in a strange and, quite frankly, f***ing crazy city. [Naomi] uses the perfect combination of grit and charm to bring angst to a music scene that could use more of it.  [Naomi]’s songs are kinetic in nature and lyrically pure, but her true super power is live on stage, where the intensity of her Joplin-esque vocals shines through with enough brightness to captivate everyone who experiences it.

  • State to State

    From the release of their first LP, No Bounds, in 2014, State to State immediately established themselves as flag bearers of atmospheric rock and heirs to Muse and Radiohead. The dynamic landscape of ambient guitar textures, anthemic riffs, and haunting melodies from vocalist/guitarist Shea Stratton, and guitarist, Andrew Orvis, is well navigated by the authoritative rhythm section of drummer, Feudor Lokshin, and bassist, Patrick Morgan.

  • King Washington

    Born and bred in sunny Southern California, Los Angeles-based rock group, King Washington delivers an easy, new California sound. King Washington fuses elements of their California roots in the folk rock music of the 60s and 70s and builds upon them with a blues tinted indie-rock flavor of tightly tuned and beautifully blended vocal harmonies, winding, lyrical melodies, subtly surprising progressions, and a dose of pushing the limits. They have taken what we love about the classics and added a new rock edge, crafting a flavor all their own.

  • Luca

    LUCA’s Soulful serenades, faintly reminiscent of Jeff Buckley and D’angelo, woo and lull audiences with infectious hooks and danceable beats. LUCA, born and raised in Ojai, Ca and now residing in Los Angeles is on his way to becoming a house hold name.

  • Magic Bronson

    Ask Magic Bronson what kind of music they make and they’ll tell you, “We honestly don’t know.” And that’s the way they like it. Call their music what you will — synth, indie, alternative, or electronica — one thing is certain: their music is addictive. “Wildlife,” their debut full length album, spent 7 weeks on the CMJ Top 200 and was named the 14th best LA record of 2014 by BuzzbandsLA. The record enjoyed a steady stream of TV/Film placements like “Graceland” (USA Network), “Suits” (USA Network), “You’re The Worst” (FX), Major League Baseball Network, and “Certain Women,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2016. Magic Bronson went independent in 2015 when they left their label and teamed up with Engineer Mike Malchicoff. The resulting EP is a hearty blend of five brand new tracks set to release 4/8/16

  • Kong

    KONG. is the musical expression of Justin Joyce. The music of KONG. is heavily organic; containing beautifully designed, analog-influenced soundscapes that submerge the listener in an ocean of deep, mesmerizing, and soulful hooks. The lyrics elegantly and emotionally tell tales so honest, they border on the explicit.

  • Isla June

    Isla June is a five-piece group out of Los Angeles who bring to life a fresh and modern twist on old school Southern staples — bluesy rock, dark country, and a touch of Motown soul. Vocalist and songwriter, Jenna Maranga, lets loose her powerful vocals to soar through an orb of gritty distortion, funky rhythm, and moody electric organ to create a sonic adventure that lingers on the ears and hips long after listening.


  • Vokes

    VOKES is the Alt-Soul band of producer, multi-instrumentalist and singersongwriter, Mike Harris. Born and raised in Malibu, CA – Mike grew up in a household listening & performing predominately blues, rock, jazz and R&B/soul music. Through a variety of different touring and band experiences after college, VOKES started as a DIY side-project between shows and day jobs. The sound comes from a love of soul music, funk, alternative rock & electronica. The juxtaposition of those influences and more can be heard in the recently released singles – ‘Cruel Game’ & ‘Value’. Post self-recording, writing and co-producing the upcoming debut EP, ‘Fractalism’ (coming out Summer 2016), Mike formed the VOKES live band with local keyboardist Lincoln Mendell & drummer Garrett Henritz.

  • Eat|See|Hear is the ultimate picnic experience. Playing music outside to a couple thousand people on a summer evening was an awesome time. We had a blast playing there, thank you for having us!
    Kin Cayo
  • Honestly, I think the event is amazing. Please have us back!
    State to State
  • Eat|See|Hear defines Los Angeles summer for us – getting to play live music outside while the sun sets, foodie truck picnics on the lawn, and classic movies.
    Opus Orange
  • Thanks to Eat|See|Hear for the opportunity to play a show in suits and ties, for our biggest audience ever (3000 whoa).