We’re pleased to present another great line up of music this year!

  • Paper Pilots

    “Whether you describe them as Britpop or power-pop, there’s no denying that the hooks in [their] singles make them sound like hits” -World Cafe

    Los Angeles-based Paper Pilots new “Automatic” EP expands upon the band’s signature “California Britpop” sound.  They’ve racked up features including World Cafe: Next Artist, ALT987 Artist in Residence, KROQ Locals Only, WXPN: Gotta Hear Song of the Week, and many more. The Huffington Post say “…the band will soon experience a meteoric rise in the music world.”

  • Bird Concerns

    Bird Concerns is a band of four friends who make eclectic pop music. Unlike many musical acts of today, Bird Concerns is not focused on any individual in the group, but instead on a collective sound. All of the members sing and write music for the band. The interweaving guitars, rich vocal harmonies, and deep grooves come together to create a sum much greater than the parts. The band’s songwriting  is heavily influenced by classic groups such as the Beach Boys, The Zombies, and Simon & Garfunkel, but remains fresh in it’s sonic pallet, pulling from garage rock, shoegaze, and disco sounds to create something both familiar and refreshed.

  • The Dead Ships

    A lot has happened for The Dead Ships in the short time that they’ve been together.  They quickly became the most talked-about live show in L.A., picked up airplay on radio giant KROQ where their song “Big Quiet” spent five weeks in the number one slot on the station’s star-making Locals Only show.  The Ships were hand-picked by Goldenvoice to perform at Coachella 2016  and LA WEEKLY named them the city’s best band. 

    Now, with the release of their debut full-length album, it’s time for the rest of the world to get to know The Dead Ships. Produced by Broken Social Scene’s Brendan Canning, the soulful garage rock four-piece has put together a fiery collection of songs that showcase McCluskey’s engaging yowl and an unrelenting drive that never lets up on the gas pedal.

  • Sleeplust

    SLEEPLUST is the creative collaboration of twin brothers, guitarist Michael Pepe and bassist Joseph Pepe, vocalist Amber Ruthe and drummer Sarah Luffred. Around the same time in 2015, the four members moved to Los Angeles to pursue music full-time and would cross paths many times before coming together.

    The band’s music is a distinctive mixture of sounds as diverse as their backgrounds. Michael and Joseph come from a rock and electronic background, while Sarah was deeply involved with hip-hop prior to the band. Amber, has origins in the electronic and post-punk worlds. With such diversity comes a unique approach to songwriting with the result being honest music that they hope will strike a chord with their fans and listeners.

  • Magic Bronson

    Magic Bronson is comprised of Michael Nicastro and Matthew Lieberman.The two say they will never write the same song twice. Drawing from a large well of influences but never latching onto one sound or style the two spend a large majority of their time locked away in their studio.

    Ask Magic Bronson what kind of music they make and they’ll tell you, “We honestly don’t know.” And that’s the way they like it. Call their music what you will — synth, indie, alternative, or electronica — one thing is certain: their music is addictive.

  • Isla June

    Isla June is a five-piece group out of Los Angeles who bring to life a fresh and modern twist on old school Southern staples — bluesy rock, dark country, and a touch of Motown soul. Vocalist and songwriter, Jenna Maranga, lets loose her powerful vocals to soar through an orb of gritty distortion, funky rhythm, and moody electric organ to create a sonic adventure that lingers on the ears and hips long after listening.


  • Lauren Ruth Ward

    Lauren Ruth Ward’s music has spread like wildfire these past two years in LA after leaving her hometown of Baltimore. Her lyrics are secrets to strangers, writing about her life’s trajectory sharing both vulnerability and strength delivered with grit and vibrato. Her band re-creates 60’s rock and roll nuances, allowing Ward to release a powerhouse of raw, visceral emotion in their live show.

  • Maureen & The Mercury 5

    Maureen & The Mercury 5 blend raging rockabilly, sultry blues, and toe-tappin’ swing. M&M5 have appeared all over the world. And despite Maureen’s bad girl image, she is still a favorite at Disneyland, performing to 1000’s every month.

  • Everyday Animals

    Everyday Animals offer a glimpse into a brave new world: the juncture where prog, pop, and funk meet to create a new beast. they are interested in three things (in order of least to most important): self-expression, artistic progress, and entertaining our fans while moving them as deeply as possible.

  • Lone Kodiak

    A decade ago, emberghost was Portland’s next big thing; filling 1400 person venues, but when co-vocalist/keyboardist, Sarah Jennings, was diagnosed with terminal cancer, all that changed. She passed away 3 years later, but the remaining members have been building something new with LA-based, Lone Kodiak – an indie rock outfit coined Sigur Ros meets Lady Antebellum or Smashing Pumpkins meets Celine Dion. They have always created something that is, at once, epic and intimate, having an affinity towards music with intense emotion and power.

  • East of Eli

    East of Eli  (aka Nathan West) beautifully fuses cinematic folk, pop melodies and modern electronic sound.  East of Eli has received critical acclaim from People Magazine and American Songwriter noting West as an artist on the rise.  East of Eli has also found success performing at top venues throughout Southern California including the Troubadour and Soho House. 

  • State to State

    From the release of their first LP, No Bounds, in 2014, State to State immediately established themselves as flag bearers of atmospheric rock and heirs to Muse and Radiohead. The dynamic landscape of ambient guitar textures, anthemic riffs, and haunting melodies from vocalist/guitarist Shea Stratton, and guitarist, Andrew Orvis, is well navigated by the authoritative rhythm section of drummer, Feudor Lokshin, and bassist, Patrick Morgan.

  • Haunted Summer

    The songs of Haunted Summer are dreamy and hypnotic, rich with orchestral strings and sultry electronic textures, and with their EP, Something in the Water, the group crafted a captivatingly-ethereal musical journey through a nostalgic world of young love and long-forgotten memories. Consisting of husband-and-wife Bridgette Moody and John Seasons, who share songwriting duties in a true collaboration, the Los Angeles duo have shared the stage and toured with groups and performers including Taken By Trees, Islands, Deafheaven, Coeur De Pirate, Olafur Arnalds, Carla Morrison, Meiko, Basia Bulat, Federico Aubele, Laura Stevenson and more

  • Disco Shrine

    The dichotomy of Disco Shrine is inherent in their name. Half party,half spiritual devotion to said party. One thing is certain; they are damn serious about having a damn good time. And that’s what their debut EP Soft Fur is all about. Falling in love? Dance it up. Broken heart? Dance it out. Bored? Dance it through. Lazy? Just go home then.

  • The Captain’s Son

    The Captain’s Son is Paige Byrd, Jarred Hayden and William Hopkins. Together they have the ability to blend catchy warm guitar melodies, laid-back harmonizing vocals and upbeat drum rhythms, reminiscent of early California surf pop. Living now in Long Beach, the band formed after Byrd and Hayden started playing together as teens. Hopkins later joined the band and after realizing they shared the same passion for music, it encouraged them to continue their journey together as The Captain’s Son.

  • TV Heads

    TV Heads is a four-piece band born in the artistic crucible of the Bay Area and raised in Los Angeles on a steady diet of post-punk riffs, raw vocals, and electro textures. Their sound lands somewhere between indie mainstays Deerhoof and heavier elements of Jeff Buckley’s and/or Smashing Pumpkins’ catalog. Gritty synths, overdriven amps, and lush vocal harmonies soar atop urgent rhythms, creating a sonic package that teems with life and breathes entirely unlike any of their contemporaries. Impose Magazine has adeptly called it: “a big batch of encouragement that is entrenched in every aspect of emotion possible on the evocative spectrum of expressing all involved feelings.”

  • Richard Blade

    Richard Blade became a fixture on the American music scene in 1982 when he started as a DJ at KROQ.  Within a few months he became the #1 arbitron-rated radio personality on the West Coast.  Now, Richard is what in today’s terms is called a hyphenate!  He is a working DJ – producer-writer-host-v/o talent-creator.  You’ve seen him on TV, Film and hear him on both Sirius XM and on our own JACK FM hosting “Richard Blade’s Flashback Lunch” Mon-Fri.

    It is only fitting for us to have him out to spin great tunes and introduce Depeche Mode: 101 as he had a similar role (the introduction part, anyway) introducing the band to 65,000 Depeche Mode fans at the original Music For The Masses concert Rose Bowl show that 101 is based on.

  • Trapdoor Social

    Trapdoor Social is entering 2017 with a new sense of urgency. After reconstituting itself from a duo to a 5-piece, their eponymous debut album is a raucous, anthemic environmental call to action, erupting with signature blues rock and bass synth riffs. Titled ‘Trapdoor Social, it’s the first TDS project that included the work of bassist and guitarist Patrick Griffen and Louie Gonzalez.

    The first single, “Sunshine,” was in the Top 5 of KROQ’s “Locals Only” show for over a month.

  • Flower Punks

    Rooted from Austin, Vashon Island, and Topanga Canyon, this four piece delivers a high energy, yet dynamic sonic experience.  They are currently recording their sophomore album in addition to cultivating a collective of artists and musicians in Venice Beach, CA.  Flower Punks produces music stemming from a wide array of influences, giving them a timeless yet fresh and relevant sound. 

  • Shunkan

    Shunkan is Marina Sakimoto, along with her band members Reese Jensen, Dave Puckett, and Jacob Richards. Live performances hold nothing back, exhibiting a guitar-driven wave of hypnotic noise and sweet melodies. Her songs exude ‘90s nostalgia while keeping the thematics of hermusic relevant as ever. Shunkan has been featured in publications suchas Spin, The Guardian, Stereogum, BrooklynVegan, NME, DIY Mag, the cover of NZ Musicians Magazine, and the single ‘Our Names’ was featured as BBC Radio 6’s Mp3 of the Day.

  • Honestly, I think the event is amazing. Please have us back!
    State to State
  • Thanks to Eat|See|Hear for the opportunity to play a show in suits and ties, for our biggest audience ever (3000 whoa).
  • Eat|See|Hear defines Los Angeles summer for us – getting to play live music outside while the sun sets, foodie truck picnics on the lawn, and classic movies.
    Opus Orange
  • Eat|See|Hear is the ultimate picnic experience. Playing music outside to a couple thousand people on a summer evening was an awesome time. We had a blast playing there, thank you for having us!
    Kin Cayo