Every Eat|See|Hear movie will be viewed on the only three-story high, 52-foot-wide image on an inflatable movie screen west of the Mississippi, offering an unrivaled outdoor movie experience with HD projection and state of the art line-array audio. For those of you that are tech savvy, we’ve provided a sampling of what you can expect from the Eat|See|Hear production team, below.

As seasoned event producers, we only want the best for you, our audience and we won’t settle for anything but the highest quality production. This is Hollywood after all, and we all know a good production from a “not so good” production.

MOVIE SCREEN / IMAGE SIZE: The image you will see is 52 feet wide and 26 feet high, elevated 10 feet off the ground. The screen surface is a Harkness Motion Picture Screen featuring a gain factor of 1.0. Harkness screens are found in thousands of movie theaters across the USA. Truly, a cinema-quality experience!

FRAME: We only use AIRSCREEN inflatable frames – the best in the business! The frame we are using is 60 feet wide and 40 feet tall – 3.5 stories! These frames can withstand direct winds up to 24 mph.

PROJECTION & SURFACE: We use professional Christie projectors, which feature a 2048 x 1080 (2k) resolution and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. Audiences will experience 15,000 – 30,000 lumens of pure High Definition playback, depending upon the venue. What does that mean for you? One extremely bright image with deeper, brighter colors that won’t be affected by environmental lighting at each venue. Our AIRSCREEN projection surface is made with an industry exclusive black backing, which prevents ambient lighting behind the screen from distorting the film’s image quality. This black back, coupled with the Harkness screen and bright HD projection results in a crisp, clear, sharp theater quality image and experience.

JBL PRO SOUND: What good is an outdoor production if you can’t hear it, regardless of where you sit in the audience? We utilize JBL VRX932 line array tops & VRX918 subs, all powered by Crown amplifiers so you can hear every whisper or scream with our 42,000 watt sound system. We custom-calibrate each venue to ensure that audience members can enjoy a decibel appropriate listening experience – not too loud and not too soft, but just right. With the capability to implement decibel shading & delay speaker towers, the audio coverage will be clear & consistent no matter where you choose to sit.

AUDIO MIXING: All of our events will be mixed on digital consoles provided by Midas. Our front of house engineers share more than 20 years of live mixing experience with music and film. Film audio will be delivered in stereo, as 5.1 mixes aren’t ideal for large outdoor audiences.

IN ENGLISH: The bottom line is that it comes down to quality of the equipment that we use. Eat|See|Hear’s audio and visual experience is unrivaled by any other outdoor movie experience. We take painstaking efforts to bring you the experience you deserve.

OUR PRODUCTION STANDS ON ITS OWN TWO FEET. We’re not trying to convince you we are the coolest or the best: We ARE the best! This is Hollywood after all – the movie capital of the world – you demand and deserve the best, especially when watching a movie. Every outdoor movie experience has their respective charms and we’ve enjoyed many of them throughout the years.

We chose a selection of movies that will put a smile on your face and make you feel good when you leave. You’ll see these films on the largest screen west of the Mississippi, in unique venues, covering every corner of Los Angeles with awesome food trucks and the best local, up and coming bands. That’s why Eat|See|Hear is LA’s PREMIER Outdoor Movie, Food Truck and Live Music Event Series. We know you’ll enjoy it.